The season for tree fruits.  apples, quince, figs & nuts take center stage. 


Apple Sorrel Martini

garden sorrel is one of my favorite greens for making cocktails.  it has a lemony HERBACEOUS quality that adds a bright freshness.  also, there is something about drinking a bright green cocktail that makes you feel like you are doing something good for yourself.  sometimes mistaken for a weed - i have been painfully reminded of several times at the restaurant when i head out to pick a bunch to make the juice, only to find it has been whacked to the ground by the yard crew - sorrel luckily grows like one.  i planted 4 plants 6 years ago and it yields enough year after year (even after a good whacking) to keep up with two of my more popular seasonal cocktails.  one of the few ingredients that is at its best in split seasons, first in spring, and then again in fall when the temperature cools down. 

for fall, i blend it with an eau de vie made with apples, apple cider from that same apple farm, a little ginger liqueur for fall spice and an italian white vermouth that accentuates the herbaceous notes.    


The Manor Old Fashioned

coming soon...