The Paniolo

glass: 14oz bucket

2 oz charred pineapple infused jalapeno vodka*

3 teaspoons passion fruit concentrate

.5 oz simple syrup

2 large sage leaves

3 dashes orange bitters

-muddle sage in glass.  fill with ice.  add all other ingredients.  transfer to cocktail shaker and shake for 10 seconds.  return to glass.  garnish with sage flower, charred pineapple wedge and slice of jalapeno.


charred pineapple jalapeno vodka

1/4 pineapple charred on grill

1 bottle JALAPEÑO vodka vodka

-combine both in a large, wide mouthed glass jar and let sit for 1-2 days.  strain.  pineapple from infusion is great in a salasa

-if you can't find JALAPEÑO vodka, add one whole jalapeno with 3 slits cut lengthwise up the sides.