always exciting when the first fresh goods of the year start coming into season


Rosemary Rhubarb Martini

last year, i went through 80 lbs of rhubarb making this cocktail alone.  80 lbs!  luckily, i have enlisted the some locals with back yard rhubarb patches as rampant as their love for this tangy, piney martini to supply the goods.  i send a text, and the next day i arrive at the restaurant to garbage bags of green and red stalks piled at the back door.   

as far as pink drinks go, this is the real deal.  it's a pretty one.  there's no red # (your days left).  just all natural color that leaves men SQUIRRELLY in their seats when it arrives... until that first sip dilutes questions of masculinity.  




ever since I tried Pasubio Amaro, I've been obsessed with creating a cocktail that embodies a PNW spring hike...and here it is.  

A negroniesque cocktail that is earthy, piney, floral and oh, so funky!  Topped off with a pickled morel & sweet woodruff.

not for everyone, but just like venturing out on an early spring rainy hike, the adventurous shall be rewarded.