SUMMER IS obviously THE MOST EXCITING TIME TO MAKE FRESH FRUIT COCKTAILS IN ANY STATE. HERE oN the north COast of WASHINGTON, WE ARE SURROUNDED BY FERTILE FIELDS PLANTED WITH EVERY KIND OF BERRY.  strawberries are followed by raspberries, then blackberries and blueberries.  toward the end, juicy stone fruits of all kinds from eastern washington start making their appearance at local farmer's many amazing ingredients to play with, this is the time of year when i can spend entire days at the restaurant turning fruits into cocktail purees


el Jardin

i love this cocktail.  

strange as it sounds, it actually has its origin in strawberry shortcake.  a couple years ago, i started MACERATING the fresh local skagit valley strawberries for our shortcake in a lemongrass-mint infused white balsamic VINEGAR. it added a really interesting layer of flavor.  Nobody can quite put their finger on it,

the vinegar and sugar bleed a ton of tasty juice from the berries.  I was trying to think of someway to use all of that extra delicious red syrup and came up with el Jardin.  reposado tequila, strawberry, cucumber, vinegar & HABANERO cider make for a pretty fantastic fiesta in the mouth.  


Blackberry Mojito

.coming soon.


Bourbon Peach Smash

.coming soon.