when the winter comes and fresh local fruits go away, it's time for warm drinks...or drinks that bring you to warmer places.


The Paniolo

a hawaiian vacation is always a good way to shake off that winter funk.  if you can't jump on a plane, this cocktail will have you sitting high in the saddle on the slopes of haleakala in no time.  

i have an obsession with passion fruit.  there are certain flavors that are so distinct that they can send your brain to other places with one sip.  lillikoi - as it's called in hawaii -is my taste-ticket to the islands.  charred pineapple infused vodka, JALAPEÑO, and muddled sage round out this earthy, spicy, fruity drink.


The Waimea Vog

often times when i'm brainstorming new ideas for cocktails, i'll do many variations of a certain base flavor combination and end up with one solid winner.  in this JALAPEÑO/passion fruit EXTRAVAGANZA, i came up with two that found their way to the menu.  see above for inspiration.

when reading through the ingredients of this cocktail, you may wonder what the hell i was thinking...a moby dick masterpiece in need of some editing perhaps.  but, i promise it all comes together in the end.  

for what it's worth, i think this is the best cocktail i've ever created.